Heavy Duty

Accident Recovery

Accident Recovery is the process of safely and professionally remediating an accident in a timely manner. Heavy duty accident recovery is generally a lot more involved than a light or medium duty accident recovery because of the size and weight of the vehicle involved in the accident. Some common types of heavy duty accidents include semi rollovers, jackknifed semis, bus or motor coach rollovers and read-end accidents. The specialized equipment needed in these situations varies greatly depending on what was involved in the accident; including the heavy duty vehicle and any other objects (buildings, trees, guard rails, etc.). We have all the specialized equipment and knowledge necessary to respond quickly and remediate the accident. Some of equipment that may be required is air bags, rotator for special lifting capabilities, crew communications equipment and a specialized recovery trailer with shovels, straps, chain saws, rigging and more. We can also perform any environmental cleanup and remediation that may be required. Give us a call at 614-272-1800

Winch Out

A winch out is connecting winches and rigging to a stuck vehicle and/or trailer then pulling and/or lifting them back to a drivable surface. A winch out may be required for a lot of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons are; being stuck in mud or snow because the driver couldn’t see where the drivable surface ended, crossing an elevated surface without clearance and “bottoming out” and trying to pass under a bridge or other obstacle without proper clearance and getting stuck. Depending on the varying situation, we will bring out our heavy duty wreckers and pull and/or lift the vehicle out so you can get back on way. Sometimes it may be necessary to perform a load shift if the situation as caused the load to shift from its original loaded position. Give us a call at 614-272-1800

Load Shift

A load shift typically happens when harsh braking or turning causes the load being hauled to shift from its original loaded position. In some cases this can cause a serve accident because the transporting vehicle is no longer stable. An example is when it moves from its center point to an outside wall causing the trailer or box truck to lean to one side. It may also affect the legal scaling of your truck because the shifted load has moved the weight; thus increasing or decreasing weight on certain axels. In these situations, we have the equipment and manpower to lift, restack, re-palette or slide back to its original load position. A Load Transfer may be necessary if the original transporting vehicle has been damaged. Give us a call at 614-272-1800

Load Transfer

Load transfers are usually needed when the original trailer, container, or box truck is damage or broke down and can no longer transport the load. After evaluating what the load is, we will bring out the necessary equipment to remove the load from the original transport vehicle and reload it onto a new transport vehicle. We can load it onto your own replacement or we can provide transportation if required. Some of the equipment typically used in these circumstances could include a telescoping forklift, skid-steer, pallet jacks, banding equipment and more. Give us a call at 614-272-1800

Decking and Undecking

Decking is the process of lifting and securing a vehicle onto another to create a single unit for transport. Once connected, they may be efficiently transported by driving the lead vehicle to its final destination. Once they arrive, the vehicles are then undecked by un-securing each truck than lifting it down to separate it back to a single unit. We use our heavy duty wreckers that have anywhere from 35 to 50 tons of lifting capacity to lift the vehicles into place so they can be secured (decking) or unsecured (undecking). Vehicles that are transported in this manor are usually new semi chassis or heavy duty truck chassis. Give us a call at 614-272-1800

Semi-Tractor Swap Out

A semi-tractor swap out is the process of bringing a working semi-tractor out to replace a semi-tractor that has broken down then tow the disabled semi-tractor back. In logistics, time and money are always of the essence. If you have a replacement semi-tractor, we will send one of our heavy duty wreckers to your location and tow the replacement semi-tractor to location of the disabled semi-tractor. We then disconnect and remove the disable semi-tractor from the load so your driver may connect replacement semi-tractor and continue with his delivery. We can also provide power only transportation if necessary. Give us a call at 614-272-1800